The 1962 CLARION had the FACES of 183 Seniors.  On May 31, 1962, we graduated (number of actual graduates unknown) after four years at Eau Claire.  He had come from various elementary schools (Hyatt Park, Frank C. Withers, Denny Terrace, others???) to Heyward Gibbes Junior High and then to Eau Claire.

Our 4 years as Shamrocks were led by the 33 members of the FACULTY who gave their all to impart the knowledge that we gained and most of which we still use in our every day lives.

ACTIVITIES filled the remainder of our days with such things as Student Council, the Clarion and the ECHO, Band, FHA, FTA, FBLA, Chorus, Honor Society, Thespians, Y-Teens, a variety of service clubs and the booster groups.  Each of these added to the knowledge and skills that we would need after May 31, 1962.

As Seniors, we led the section of CLASSES, after serving our 3 years as underclassmen.  Each of those years was a step toward the ultimate goal of becoming a Senior!

The EXTRAS in our lives were the Beauty Contests, though not a politically correct term in the 21st century, these were fun parts of our lives and we will always remember those who were Miss Shamrock, Homecoming Queen, etc.  There were also the events that we enjoyed – the Senior Banquet (remember Mr. Shealy’s reaction to our can-can routine?), the talent show and the always anticipated Junior-Senior Dance every year and who would you invite or who would invite you?

The Varsity team of football Shamrocks finished their senior (15 of our class on the team) with a 6-4 season to highlight the SPORTS section of the Clarion.  And who could ever forget the coaches – Baker, Singleton and Robertson who led the way.  Junior Varsity footbal, men’s and women’s basketball, track, and baseball rounded out the sports options at Eau Claire.  My how things have changed since then.

Enjoy a few reminders of our days at Eau Claire High (and a few before and after).





















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