Saturday May 26, 2012

6:00 PM Until

Spring Valley Country Club

300 Spring Valley Road

Columbia, SC 29223

Cost is $45.00 per person

In the year of our Lord, sixty and two,

May 31st came and it went, oh what would we do?

Our days at Eau Claire were nearing the end.

Teachers and principals, out into the world, us they would send.

The halls of our school held memories galore.

To those we were clinging, not knowing what the future held in store.

We each took that step and each path a new way.

Our lives were different as we faced each day.

Columbia remained home to many of our friends.

Some to other states, other places, countries – the list knows no end.

No matter the distance the bonds were strong.

Shamrocks, Eau Clarions were never apart long.

Some saw each other and their lives crossed a lot.

Others saw each other, not a lot, but never forgot.

Reunions were held after 5, 10, 25, 40  and 45 too.

Oh can it be we are nearing 50, oh what shall we do?

We’ll come together to remember our days at Eau Claire High.

Friends, faculty, the days of fun and all the pranks we did try.

Our numbers will be less, but we’ll remember them all.

It’s time to start working, mailing, emailing and even phone calls.

Make plans now, mark your calendars and save the date.

We’ll laugh and remember, now don’t be late.

In the year of our Lord, twenty and 12,

Saturday’s the day, the date is twenty and 6.

Some food and some drink, pictures and stories to share.

A chance to see one another, to laugh,

to love and our lives to share.

Come if you can, even if it is your first,

Remembering all the while, it won’t be our last.

Details will be forthcoming, via mail and email.

We’ll do our best to reach one and all.

“Oh Green and White we love you, all hail to Eau Claire High”!