Coach Baker’s 90th Birthday was celebrated with family and friends on November 21, 2019.  Enjoy these photos from the event.


As with this web site, the theme of the 1962 Clarion was FACES, and the F was for FACULTY (and Administration).  Andrew R. Hafner, Principal, opened Eau Claire High School in 1952, as it’s first principal, and was there until he retired in 1965, Woody Lucas was our first Assistant Principal and was followed by Paul Stephens who became Principal at Mr. Hafner’s retirement.  Mrs. Dorothy Moffatt was the secretary and kept them both (as well as students) in line.

We are always delighted when some of them come to our reunions and there will no doubt be some of them at our 50th.  Many former Faculty members gather each year in memory of, to honor and to benefit the Andrew R. Hafner Memorial Scholarship Fund which was established in 1986. A total of 27 scholarships have been awarded from the endowment fund to a graduating senior from Eau Claire since it was established.

The FACULTY section was introduced as follows:

The faces of our faculty number thirty-three.  These faces represent knowledge.  They try to share and bestow knowledge to every student.  Some students receive this knowledge gratefully, giving the teacher a feeling of pride in a job well done.  Other students reject it, giving the teacher a feeling that her efforts have been to no avail.

Teachers have a great influence on students.  They have, in some cases, inspired students on to higher education and important positions in life.

We owe teachers much…too much to repay.  For now we just say “Thank you”.

In a survey done prior to the 40th reunion, the top 6 favorite teachers were:  Lucas, Devet, Pollard, Baker, Palmer and Berry.


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