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ECHS 1962 40th Reunion Epilogue

Shamrocks from far, Shamrocks from near,
Came to celebrate a class and friends so dear.
Kudos to the committee, who gave their all,
We thank you for the tasks, both great and small.

Dewain and Rock, Lois, Len, Les and Sue,
Joan, Donna, George and John was there too.
Rock came to the top and was the chair,
We’re grateful that you were always there.

Decorations by Sue with help from Joan,
Including the Shamrocks that were on loan.
Shamrocks, green and white filled the whole place,
Bringing back memories we’ll never erase.
Lois we thank for tagging our names,
Five years from now, they’ll still be the same.

Our leader in the past, still leads today.
Dewain always knows just what to do and say.
Len did the banner and the alma mater,
After he learned it wasn’t spelled mata.
(That’s OK Len, we were part of the phonics generation.)

We each were touched by the comments and words
Given so genuinely by the teachers we heard.
We thank them each for their help, care and love,
I guess we could say they gave us a shove?
They helped get us started for 40 years of life,
A life we now share with husband, friend or wife.

The food was great, oh how we ate,
Nothing was left on nary a plate.
The music brought memories back from the past,
And helped make a night that will forever last.

It was great to see each and every one there,
There were so many stories we wanted to share
The clock ran out before we were done,
Make the next one longer, was the request of some.

For those who weren’t there, we missed you so.
You won’t miss the next one in ’07, we know.
Make your plans now and watch the mail,
We’ll send you the info, electronic or snail.

“Oh green and white we love you,
All hail to Eau Claire High.”



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